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Alone we accomplish great thing but together we change the industry!

Reasons to work with us


We work on support of jewelry business only and we are the only jewelry supplementary work provider in China.


Our people are from manufacturing, quality, lab test and trading, all toughened in jewelry industry for more than 5 years and specialized at their positions.


As your remote office, our team can provide solutions covering quality management, production control, testing management, factory audit, merchandising, warehousing and logistics, etc.


We take great ownership on your work. Always minding your mind and thinking about what you have not thought about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we are here for?

Our intention is to fill the gap in jewelry industry. No third party companies in China are committed to jewelry industry only. It means the inspectors you are using possibly also inspect ceramic, bag or shoes. Thus it is not professional or focused. As jewelry purchasers on a small scale, probably you are worried about the production progress or the quality, because it is a heavily money-consuming investment on an office at the source area.
So come to us if you want a professional inspection service with specific operations and come to us if you don’t want to invest a local office but you no longer worry about the your suppliers’ quality or shipment date any longer.

What we can do?

As a team with members working in jewelry field averagely more than 5 years, our service covers quality control, production management, testing management, factory audit, merchandising, warehousing and logistics.

How to start to cooperate with us?

You can start one or two parts of the service range with us for one period as a pilot cooperation, and then make further decisions depending on the cooperation.

We provide more than Timely Feedback, Scheduling Flexibility, Skilled and knowledgeable team members.
We always mind what you mind.

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